The Best Blushes for All

The Best Blushes for All

A blush is an inseparable part of our beauty routine. We all should wear it. And wear more of it. After all, the real blush is rare these days and painful to achieve by pinching, so let’s just use the powder, the cream, or the liquid blush to elevate our cheeks and our mood. Here is a list of 12 great time and user tested blushes for all to enjoy:

Nars Orgasm

1. Nars Orgasm, $30
The name says a lot, but it is not why this blush is so iconic. It really is amazing and gives users that highly desired natural pink glow thanks to subtle rosy shade with just a pinch of golden shimmer. The best part – it complements all skin tones and types.
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2. It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quois, $24
Rich in color and in results, this blush is just a little shimmery and just a little glowing. No glitter is needed to look your best all day long.

3. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer 06, $63
Don’t get scared while first seeing this tube of bright red. It looks a lot more subdued on the skin. Dark skin calls for just a dot or two to be blended for a perfect shade. Light skin users should apply a generous layer under the foundation to achieve a real life glowing natural cheeks.

Charlotte Tilbury Love is The Drug

4. Charlotte Tilbury Love is The Drug, $40
Use this blush any way you want it – combine both colors or pick any one of them. This unique combination gives you choices to explore and enjoy.

5. Tarte Dollface, $29
This blush will not evaporate from your cheeks towards the end of the day as so many of them do. The makers advertise that this blush will last 12 hours. You’ve got to love a formula that is still on your face when you wash up at night.
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6. Fenty Beauty Yacht Lyfe, $25
This universal product has more than one way of using it. You can apply it to your cheeks and go about your day. But you can also use it on your lips and as eyeshadow – it’s that versatile.

7. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lush & Libido, $42
It would be hard to find a celebrity makeup artist who doesn’t use this thick cream powder. This is a pretty good proof that the product is outstanding and long lasting.

8. Benefit Cosmetics GALifornia, $29
One package houses a gold bronzer and an ethereal pink blush. Combine them and you will positively glow with that warm radiance even in the middle of the winter and as far away from the beach as it gets.

Nars Orgasm Liquid

9. Nars Orgasm Liquid, $30
This liquid offers the same legendary pink glow as powder, but in different form. The skin looks radiant and translucent, the product looks good on everyone, and should be tried by everyone.
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10. Hourglass Iridescent Flash, $38
The multicolor blush is extremely easy to apply, despite its sophisticated looks. Peachy highlighter lifts up your cheeks and generates perfection.

11. NYX Cosmetics Bright Lights, $6.49
The price is impossible to beat for this velvety powder that combines like a cream and makes your cheeks glow. Visit NYX Cosmetics website

12. Benefit Cosmetics, $30
The liquid was intended for a slightly different use, but ended up serving as a great lip and cheek color for the joy of beauty seekers everywhere.

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