$16 Billion by 2020? Organic Personal Care Market Predictions & Why

$16 Billion by 2020? Organic Personal Care Market Predictions & Why

The organic personal care market is expected to nearly double by the year 2020 with an estimated gross of $16 billion. Comprised of chemical free cosmetics, organic skin, and natural hair care products - this health conscience, personal care market is looking to raise awareness around product safety to encourage support during the forecasted period of market growth. The organic personal care market’s main message is to decrease the number of harmful chemicals like aluminum salts, parabens, and phthalates within our everyday, personal hygiene regimen. Additionally, the industry would like to increase multinational corporations usage of manufacturing products from sustainable resources. Not to mention, there is global demand for these all natural, organic products as well!
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Organic skin care products have shown the world that there are anti-aging compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Natural hair care products have proven that shampoos and conditioners free of chemicals like sulfur, ammonia, and parabens have actually helped hair grow longer and stronger. While organic oral products have studies resulting in prevented periodontal disease, premature gum bleeding and gum disease with the utilization of natural clove and neem. With these tried and true results, consumers are scrambling to get their hands on all organic products. Thus, retailers world wide have continuously been expanding their organic personal care selection to include more natural products in order to meet consumers growing demand.

Consumers are embracing organic and environmentally sustainable products with open arms as they provide results without the usage of harmful chemicals and toxins. It is a win-win situation for most. In accordance with the market expansion, the USDA and FDA have seen a rise in certifications of organic personal care products. Several companies, like G Natural Products, a nationally available brand providing consumers with natural personal care, have reported a growth trend as these products become backed by various government human safety and health organizations. Consumers will always trust result oriented products with the approval of these heavily vetting government agencies.
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Chemical treated products just can not deliver the desired results that the present market of consumers are looking for. For example, harmful toxins can potentially dry out already brittle hair, while natural, organic products look to add moisture not only to the hair but to the scalp and skin as well. Consumers should be searching for products with organic ingredients like milk thistle extract, aloe vera extract, grapeseed oil, and other naturally derived oils that will nourish the skin, hair, and scalp with vitamins and minerals to enhance long lasting hydration. Let your inner beauty shine with all natural, organic products meant solely to enhance what is already there!

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