American-made Beauty Products

American-made Beauty Products

This guide covers only beauty products and brands that make everything here, in USA and follow strict quality guidelines. We will focus on bath, beauty, and cosmetic products based on this simple criterion.

If a company makes their product here, but uses one or more components, that were made overseas, we will strive to inform you about that. We want to show our unwavering support for local economy and domestic manufacturing. People sometimes fail to understand how many great products are made locally from high quality ingredients and rush to choose foreign beauty items. We would like to help you put more trust in American-made goods to make you look and feel better.

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American made natural skin care

Botanic Organic
This line is made from botanic ingredients and with holistic focus on skin care. The products are rich with nutrients and are anti-inflammatory – great for restoring your natural balance. The company uses only organic cold-pressed oils from seeds, fruits, and nuts. Botanic Organic customizes their production to match your skin needs to perfection. Every product smells wonderfully and gives users a peace of mind because all the aromas come from natural pure essential oils. Visit Botanic Organic site

Botanic Organic

Elements of Aliel
All products are made from earthy ingredients using sustainable methods. The idea behind this line is to use only natural, not chemically altered products and create effective but gentle results. The simplicity is very important to the company, so the list of ingredients is very simple and short. You will not find any unrecognizable names here. The user will not have to purchase a ton of things – just a few products will be sufficient to improve and maintain your healthy skin.

Beauty Purists concentrate on using only the healthiest organic, plant-based, and environmentally sustainable ingredients to create their line of skin care. They don’t use any filler and make sure that every component is there for a reason. Facial products provide pure routine and revitalizing results.

Waxing Kara
This lip balsam is hydrating and moisturizes better than many others on the market. The lips will become soft if using daily and even at night. The product does not have any SPF included. It’s packed so beautifully that it makes a luxurious gift for a friend or yourself.

Angel Face Botanicals

Angel Face Botanicals
The products are made from plant-based organic materials. The company produces small amounts of artisan products and uses aroma therapy with essential oils to provide a complete bliss experience. Visit Angel Face Botanicals site

This line focuses on the needs of the entire family. The skin care products are heavily infused with aromatherapy oils and only organic ingredients are used.

Moody Sisters’
The products in this skin and beauty line are made of natural and earth derived ingredients. The company harvests natural butters, oils, and extracts to use in the production of face and body solutions. Moody believes that skin problems can be combatted with natural and organic ingredients coming straight from nature.

Opas Soap
The soaps are made to nourish your skin thanks to simple ingredients and no extras. Clean and beautiful skin is achieved by using this line of closely reimagined versions of the Naturalistic and Renaissance Eras. The design of packages is also reminiscent of those times.

Purple Prairie Botanicals
This simplistic brand strives to have no waste and no chemicals in their products. The back-to-basics approach is designed to give your skin a chance to balance itself and maintain. The company specializes in a lot more than just skin care.

Queen Bee Productions
The main ingredients in the products are herbs and Maui honey. The philosophy of this company is based on the healing powers of natural honey and wild herbs. The company uses no fillers and works with the clean apothecary sources.

Sia Botanics
This skincare line does not use any animal byproducts and offers only vegan skin care lotions and creams. Sia Botanics does not use chemican ingredients or artificial additives. They have lines for all types of skin and offer solutions for a wide range of problems. Visit Sia Botanics site

Susan Ciminelli
The company brings forgotten historical products and holistic ingredients to promote clean living. The whole line is definitely known for great results and improved skin qualities.

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American Made Skincare

American Made Skincare

Alpha Skin Care
This line is known for the high concentration of retinol and glycolic. In fact, they have the highest allowed AHA percentages for over the counter products. This is the reason why the line is widely used to fight aging.

The skin care line was developed by pharmacology specialists. Users get the quality that normally is achieved by spa products. Professional status is maintained by aromas, formulas, luxurious packaging, and most importantly, results.

The line is made of three products for sophisticated routine. The plant based ingredients point to a simple no fuss routine while the price makes great skin affordable to all.

Mineral Fusion
In addition to botanical ingredients, the company includes minerals into their sensitive skin line, suitable to highly allergic individuals. The products offered are skin care and make up. The affordability brings Mineral Fusion to a wide range of markets.

Modern skin care is gently blended with ancient Chinese beauty traditions to bring this ecological line to life. There are no chemical ingredients; active peptides are actively solving the skin problems on their own.

Skin Owl
The skin care line is designed to be used overnight and provide rapid results. The company uses only high quality ingredients. No toxins are needed for formulas to work. Pure care for your skin is invigorating and holistic.

American skin care lines available at commonly known retailers

American skin care lines available at commonly known retailers The brands described here are well known and available at major department stores beauty sections and pharmacies. Some of those names might surprise you.

Bliss offers excellent and fun face and body toning products that can rival any spa quality.

Derma E
This is a powerful, vegan, and earth-friendly line with active ingredients and a joyful price.

This line is created for spa and personal use. It is known for immediate results and long lasting benefits.

High quality products are sold at bargain prices.

Juice Beauty
The company offers all natural solutions for many skin problems.

Mario Badescu
The company was opened in New York in 1960s and has been delivering spa quality products for home usage ever since.

Pacifica is known to deliver vegan and healthy solutions for maintaining healthy glow. They also offer a makeup line in visually stunning packaging.

The line is very aromatic and delivers fast results.

American-made makeup

American-made makeup All the manufacturers below are seriously invested in the environment, sustainability, non-toxic beauty regimen, and naturally pigmented solutions.

Rejuva Minerals
The entire line is made of minerals and comes with great application tools and tutorials. The makeup is nano-particle based, contains no toxins or chemicals.

Gia Minerals
The clean technology does not prevent bold colors. The company produces no chemicals environmentally conscious makeup. They also have skin care line.

Gabriel Cosmetics
Natural beauty is effectively improved with the products that are all natural.

Axiology Lipstick
Their outstanding lipsticks are created using vegan, organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients. The company owns and monitors every part of processes, from pigment to packaging.

Vapor Organic Beauty
The company established itself in a high end beauty product market and remains trendy with the commitment to produce healthy skin care and makeup.

Red Apple Lipstick
The company was among gluten-free makeup pioneers and achieved fantastic results. They continue to expand into more color products, without toxins and chemicals.

Moody Sisters’
In addition to natural skin care, the company makes mineral powders and blushes. They produce only natural, organic, plant-based, and gluten-free handcrafted products. They also offer the entire line of foundation, eye makeup, and lip products, equally natural and of highest quality.

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American made bath and body care

American made bath and body care<

Farm House Fresh
The collection feels like a specialty body shop production, but in small batches. All the sensors are treated to achieve maximum results. The packaging is designed to look like you are giving yourself a gift.

This botanical and organic line is made from sea products and will rejuvenate all types of skin, restoring the healthy glow.

Thesis Beauty
The company offers scented and unscented products. They don’t use any color enhancements or chemicals. The soaps and bath salts come in beautiful packages and gives luxurious feeling.

All Good Element Herbs
The philosophy here is based in simplicity. There are no extras, just the pure ingredients to keep you healthy.

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
The company is a family operated unit big on nature and simple on beauty solutions.

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