12 Wonderful DIY Beauty Gifts for Mom

12 Wonderful DIY Beauty Gifts for Mom

Ever since childhood we know that the best gifts for our parents are the ones that come from the heart. And what can come more from the heart than something you can make yourself? Let’s make this Mother’s Day a little more special and give her something unique and useful for every day. Here are some ideas for easy to make beauty products:

Coconut Lime Bath Salts

Coconut Lime Bath Salts
Combine these two flavors with plain bath salts and it will take your mom to an island paradise every time she soaks in the bathtub.

Lavender Bath Salts
Soaking in a tub might become your mom’s ritual if she will have soothing and relaxing blend of lavender infused bath salt made by you to help her unwind after a long day.

Brown Sugar Coconut Body Scrub
Very simple to make concoction will pamper your mom and take care of her skin leaving it soft and hydrated with coconut oil.

Lemongrass Bath Salts
The salts are very easy to make, it has only two components, but the result is big – your beloved mom can have a reinvigorating bath that will take away her aches and pains. Best of all, this gift will come from the heart and won’t cost much.

Lotion Bars
Everybody would love to get a homemade lotion bar – friends, family, and most importantly, your mom on her special day.
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Mint Sugar Scrub
Make this easy scrub for your mom and treat her tired feet. The mint gives nice scent and cooling sensation. Soaking the feet in warm water and using mint sugar scrub every evening might even prevent feet ache and swelling.

Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender Bath Salts
The main ingredient in this easy recipe is Epsom salt, which has detoxifying qualities and helps relax aching muscles, destress, and improves blood flow and oxygen intake. Add lavender scent to that and you will have a potent cocktail for evening relaxation. Lavender essential oil is also known to have relaxing qualities, soothing muscles and joints, and relieving headaches. Combine those both ingredients and give mom a gift of relaxation.

Pomegranate Hand Scrub
Make this simple product and decorate the package to make it look not only sweet, but luxurious too. Tags, ribbons, and hand-made notes will make the jar very dear to mom’s heart.

Soap in a crockpot
This soap is very easy to make and most of us have all the needed ingredients in our home, so no extra shopping is needed. Take organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, lye, water, and a few drops of essential oil, put everything in a crockpot, and you will have a beautiful soap for your mom to enjoy.

DIY Makeup Remover
This makeup remover is very easy to make and very special to use. Mom can enjoy this cream every night because it doesn’t just remove the makeup, but also moisturizes the skin and combats signs of aging.

Mint Bath Salts
You can use Epsom salt for this project or order Dead Sea Salt to go the more luxurious way. Add some mint essential oil, prepare a beautiful package, and you will have a gift your mom will love and actually use. It’s the idea and the work you put in that counts the most.

Homemade Lip Balm
This hydrating lip balm feels very smooth and smells great if you’ll add a drop of honey. Let your mom swipe a little balm on her lips and feel the soothing and healing power of all natural ingredients.
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