Useful Beauty Gifts for Mom

Useful Beauty Gifts for Mom

Mom’s Day is almost upon us, so it’s the prime time to buy that something special for the special Mom. While the gift choices can spin your head and make you dizzy, it is important to pick something that will show your mom how truly amazing she is and how much you love her. We created a list for some gifts that moms can actually use and enjoy.

Every mom is different, so we found some gift ideas that would work different types of moms:

The Traveling Mom

1. Jetlag Legs Cures to Go ($40 at Beauty Concepts)
If you have a mom who travels a lot, choose this gift and help her combat those dreaded symptoms of jetlag. She will feel refreshed and reinvigorated after using this lotion because it increases the blood circulation and helps flush the fluids from the legs. The kit also helps reduce the swelling and that dreaded restless leg syndrome.
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2. Oribe the Collection Travel Set (Oribe, $26)
Whether your mom travels for work or gets ready for vacation, the packing is always tedious and time consuming. Give her the gift of convenience, which includes prepackaged travel size shampoo, conditioner, and masks. This kit will last the entire time because it contains double packages of all the products, so your mom can use everything she wants in any order that she likes without a fear of running out.

3. Go Go Golosh Shadow Belle Boots ($100 at Go Go Golosh)
If your mom travels a lot, you know she will encounter all kinds of weather and not always expectedly. And even if rain is forecasted, who has space for rain boots in the luggage? The gift of Go Go Golosh is very light and very stylish. Let your mom take her fashion rain boots everywhere from now on and never get caught in the rain again. She can even wear those shoes over her favorite flats or heals. These innovative rain boots come in many beautiful colors and are light and foldable.

The Skin Care Enthusiast Mom

1. Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream ($75 at Joanna Vargas)
It would be impossible to find a mom who does not desire to have a permanently glowing skin. This cream can give her just that – glowing, deeply hydrated and radiant skin, protected from aging. This product is safe to use daily and is so enticing that you might be borrowing it from mom after you give it to her.

2. Black Rock Mud Company natural Mud Mask ($99 at Black Rock Mud Company)
If your mom is obsessed with face masks, get her this ultimate mask to enjoy. It is all natural, no gluten, fast-acting, and comes in an unusual package that can be used for growing flowers. This combination is hard to beat.
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3. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay ($24 at First Aid Beauty)
Every skin care junkie can only dream about this wonderful deep cleaning gel infused with red clay. If your mom can be called such a junkie, get her this product and make her happy. The cleanser removes all the dust and unclogs pores in just a minute, leaving skin refreshed, clean, and breathing.

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